Friday, July 27, 2012

Welcome Yo!

Shiloh took in a Paint mare this afternoon. We we're contacted by the San Bernardino Animal Control and followed them over to a near by Sandy Valley property to help evaluate the horse. She appears to be suffering from very painful and acute Laminitis and was not getting any needed care from her owner despite AC's urging over the past few months. The mare was now in great pain, did not want to bear weight on her front feet and was living in a very small corral which she was wired into without a gate.

The AC was finally able to talk the owner into giving up her rights to the mare who was then transferred over to Shiloh's care.

She arrived at Shiloh, was given pain medication and immediately put onto the correct diet to try to control the laminitis. Once she did arrive at the rescue, she was given a quick cool hosing and general look over before she was put into a comfy indoor/outdoor barn stall with soft footing.

We have named this sweet mare "Yo", after the AC officer's name.

She was feeling better after the hosing and messed around a bit by sticking her tongue out...

We will have her evaluated by our vet and we will do what we can to get her to a better quality of life for as long as we can...

Welcome Yo!

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the ranch

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