Friday, June 22, 2012

A hot Thursday

Another scorcher!

Okay Corral; Godspeed, Toluca, Apache

Tommy with an Eye; Okay Corral

Okay Corral

Nike; Okay Corral

Old Roy, Okay Corral

Angel in her UV wear; Okay Corral

Senior Ciento; Okay Corral

Trucker's new Magic Shoe- a regular shoe with another shoe welded on to support his leg! . He see ms to be doing well with it...

He now wanders freely!

Cognac and Arturo

Florecita and Ivan

Bonnie, Tanis and Zuiderzee- their Roman Riding is really coming along!

Cowboy and Thankful

Una Mas out for a walk

Katy tries to cool off!

Emily and Thankful gave Mooshu a nice cool bath

Breeze and Arturo

- Posted by Jill Curtis from the ranch

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