Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Scorching Day!

Summer is here in the desert, no doubt about it! It reached 102 degrees today at the rescue, tomorrow it is supposed to get up to 107 degrees! There is an excessive heat warning for the weekend.

Another reminder- please make sure all of your animals have access to shelter, it's just way to hot for them to stand in the sun. There is nothing worse to me than someone who sits in an air conditioned house but makes their animals stand out in the boiling sun without shade! It is inexcusable in our part of the country!

Well, we do have an emergency that we are dealing with. Little Dude is in the vet clinic right now and will be undergoing surgery tonight to remove an intestinal stone which is causing him to colic repeatedly. Last year, he coliced three times and so far he has coliced twice in the last few weeks. Not really bad, it's low grade but enough to make him uncomfortable. After he arrived in the clinic today, the vets were able to actually feel the stone in his intestine through a rectal exam (stones move around and it could not be felt before this). His only option is surgery, or he will need to be euthanised. Dude is still so full of spirit and healthy otherwise, that we just couldn't put him down at this point. So I opted for surgery. It will be performed tonight in the clinic and his prognosis is very good. Hopefully, if all goes well, he will be spending part of the summer with his owner, my niece, Emily, riding around the ranch. That will be a great sight to see.

But, some good news from the vet clinic- Ketchum had more of his rectal cancer removed yesterday in the clinic and it went much better than was expected! Most of the tumor was removed and he is returning home to Shiloh later this afternoon. On our last vet day, we discussed our options for Ketchum with Dr. Schur- we all felt that he was not ready to be euthanised and that we wanted to give it one more shot. We are so happy we did because he is doing very well. I will get some photos of Ketchum tomorrow so ! everyone can see how he is doing.

Some photos from today:

Nike out in Okay Corral. Her hoof is looking good and we should be able to start working with her this summer.

Godspeed, looking fat out in Okay Corral.

Napa, also looking good in her pasture.

A cute shot of Suggestion and Starsky in The Saloon. Both of these horses are doing well, Starsky will begin his under saddle work in the next few weeks and Suggestion is working very nicely under saddle. I am ! hoping t o get some video of him tomorrow.

Look how much Gentry has filled out!

Gentry's pal, Truce is also looking good.

My little dog, Katy, enjoyed a cool water puddle...

The Easy Street horses watched Junior drag their pasture. They usually use this as an opportunity to kick up their heels a bit, but I guess it was just to hot!

New York...

Pregnant Breeze in Kinder Care.

Sonny or Cher (not sure which one it is) stepped into the pig pool to cool off.

While Aztec hung out by Image's water bucket where it seemed to be a bit cooler.

We sent our Mustang! , Iceman to Mustang Makeover Participant and Trainer, Joe Weitekamp, today for some finishing work. We want to help Iceman find the best home possible so we are investing in some extra training for him. He will be gone 2-3 months.

Daisy and Jimmy Dean are now sharing Daisy's new stall. Since we moved Sitka out of the barn and into Mesquite Manor, Daisy has been moved into Sitka's old stall where she can wander freely onto the Cherry Pie grass through her back gate. Daisy and Jimmy both seem very happy with the new arrangement.

That way they can wander right out for the Breakfast Club. The Club seems to be growing! Left to right: Donkey Otie's butt, Fiesta, Mojo, Muffet the goat, Bacon Bits the pig, Daisy, Inca and Aztec.

Sitka and Serenity enjoying their pen in Mesquite Manor...

So are Eagle and Echo Echo.

I Love the Mesquite Manor pens, they are the prettiest pens at Shiloh!

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