Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Introducing Brisa!

We have named Breeze's little filly "Brisa" which means "Breeze" in Spanish.

Little Brisa is thin, but hardy, nursing well and strong. She should catch up to a healthy weight in no time. Her mother, Breeze, was very thin at the time of her rescue and although we tried very hard to get Breeze up to a healthy weight before she foaled, but she still had a ways to go when little Brisa came along. It's incredible to think that both Breeze and her unborn Brisa were heading up to Canada to be slaughtered.

How thankful Sally and I are that we were able to take them in at Shiloh and give Breeze a safe place to foal and to give Brisa a bright future and carefree days in which to grow up.

Now, introducing Little Gentle Breeze, Brisa!

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