Thursday, May 13, 2010

Traveler Visits Old Stone Fort

By now, you know me, I like to visit those out of the way but interesting sites.

Well, here is one- Old Stone Fort Archaeological Park near Manchester, Tennessee...

This site is thought to be over 2,000 years old, it has been dated to 1 BC to 500 AD, and it is believed to be a special ceremonial site for Middle Woodland Indians.

The site is actually a high peninsula of land between the Big Duck River and the Little Duck River. Much of the peninsula is surrounded by very high and unaccesible rocky cliffs, making it a very secure piece of land.

This is what was once the entryway. You can still see the remanents of the earthen mounds which guarded the entrance. The areas not protected by the cliffs were surrounded by earthen and wooden walls.

You can still see the rise of one of the earthen wall areas..

More of the walls.

Down below the cliffs there are beautiful waterfalls. I bet many of the Native people spent time down here...

This was an interesting site, one of three Indian mound sites I explored on this trip. People are just now beginning to realize that there was a huge population of prehistoric people who built large cities in what is now the United States, many of whom in size would rival some of the cities of today.

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