Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shiloh Fly Mask Drive

With so many horses at Shiloh, we always need more flymasks to protect them during fly season. Fly masks also help to protect the horses' eyes on those windy and dusty desert days.

We have gone through our bins of masks and we could use more of them. We are in need of 50 more masks. Supporters always ask me what they can do to help, what do we need, so I am going to say, we need masks!

We do not need fancy expensive ones, just good quality masks with good velcro closures. Of course, we will also accept used masks in good conditions!

Here is a link to a good mask that works well in our pastures: Country Supply,, Defender Mask , we need Horse/Large sizes

We can also use 10 of these masks to protect those horses who are most sensitive to the sun, they protect against sunburn on noses: Crusader Long Nose Mask, Horse/Regular Size

Masks can be mailed directly to the Shiloh Horses at:

Shiloh Horse Rescue
2598 Forest City Dr
Henderson, NV 89052

If you are interested in helping us with some more flymasks, we thank you!

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