Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday's Adventures and the Brat Pack Babies Adoption Videos

It was a crazy day yesterday at Shiloh, tons of volunteers and visitors.

People were out looking to adopt horses, Banjo was adopted (yay!) and Sully has a pending adoption.

Here is something interesting- this is Mojo, Sitka, Bacon Bits and Jimmy Dean napping together in Sitka's Barn Stall...

Daisy spent some time with newcomer, Ochocinco.

Elisa started to work with Twerp. He is so great, gentle and willing, well trained and quiet. He does have someone interested in adopting him and we are hoping it works out for him.

Little Dude and Canyon were bathed under City Center...

Sleetwood Mac out in the Big Pasture. He is looking and feeling great.

Helga bathed her favorite horse, Hutch...

She did a great job- Hutch is really starting to look great and his personality is coming out. It's nice to see...

sally worked on Peace Pipe in the stocks. He is actually feeling a bit better and his a! ppetite has improved. Looks like his antibiotics are helping...

As always, the City Center was the hub of activity.

Our hardworking volunteers worked with the Brat Pack babies and I was able to video each one. BIG THANKS to the baby volunteers- you are all helping to make a huge difference in these young horses' lives. We always say that a rescue is no place for a baby to live, once they are ready, they need to move on to new homes and futures where they can get all of the attention and training they deserve.

Each baby is learning to lead, pick up their feet, etc. They are all available for adoption to new homes. Some were born at Shiloh to rescued pregnant mares, some were recently rescued off of the feedlot as weanlings.

All are healthy and friendly.

Willing, Born at Shiloh to Inspirada.

Lucero, born at Shiloh to Amiga.

Sherlock, came from the Fallon Feedlot. He was gelded last week.

Fancy, a feedlot filly. Still learning to lead, etc.

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