Monday, May 17, 2010

A Reminder and Guidelines

I just wanted to remind everyone of some of the Ranch Rules...

Our Daily hours for Visitors and Volunteers are between 9am and 1pm. At 1pm from now on, the gates will be completely closed. If you are planning to drive all the way out to Shiloh- please leave your home early and be prepared to leave at 1pm. This rule is for your safety as well as the safety of all of the animals that call Shiloh home. As with any business, these hours of operation rules should be followed and respected.

I currently pay over $13,000.00 per year JUST for the insurance to allow Visitors and Volunteers to enjoy the rescue- please be courteous and respect our rules.

The ranch is closed to ALL visitors and volunteers when Jill and Sally are out of town. Boarders are the only ones allowed unless an arrangement is made AHEAD OF TIME and cleared with either Jill or Sally.

If you are interested in seeing an adoptable horse- you must set up an appointment with me, Jill, by either email at or by calling me at (702) 480-8906. We are extremely busy every day and I need to set aside time to show the horses, etc.

Your cooperation allows us to open Shiloh to the public and allows all of the animals to enjoy visitors and volunteers.

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