Sunday, May 16, 2010

Odds and Ends and a Good Bye

Looking for a way to help the horses? Why not become a Shiloh Feed Fairy? A $10.00 donation buys one bag of formulated Senior feed for our horses, a small amount which really makes a difference. Become a Feed Fairy here.

Looking for something to do on June 13th? Love to trail ride? Check this out! Our neighbor, Sandy Valley Ranch is participating in The American Competitive Trail Horse Association's "Ride for the Rescues" trail ride. The Shiloh Horses will benefit from this event, so let's show our support for this record breaking ride!

We say good bye to adopted Shiloh Horse, Justin, who recently passed away in his adoptive home. He lived in the paradise of Hawaii and was well loved and cared for by his family for the past three years. He is badly missed and our thoughts go out to this sweet little feedlot horse who's life took an incredible, and lucky, turn.

Gentle Justin with his family. (Note: Shiloh recommends that children always wear helmets when riding.)

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