Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dipping My Toes In The Arabian Waters at Buckeye

My horizons in the equestrian world continue to expand; tomorrow I’m off to Columbus for the day to attend the Buckeye Sweepstakes Arabian Horse Show! And even better, I’m going to get to tag along behind the scenes with the folks from Freedom Farm, including trainer Bill Rodgers, rider Raegan Knotts, and several of their Arabians and National Show Horses (which I know includes at least one national champion).

With several trips to Freedom Farm over the last few months, I’ve started to learn a little bit about the Arabian world. This breed association offers competition of all types, including a plethora of English styles, western pleasure, side saddle, reining, driving, halter, and I’m sure more I’ve yet to discover.

I have plans to profile the various disciplines, particularly the differences between the English styles which include Park, Country, English, and Hunter (hint: each one requires a different type of movement). I’m going to hold off until after tomorrow when I get to see all of it first-hand, though.

Considering the Arabian Horse Association is the largest breed organization in the US behind the AQHA, it’s about time I got a little more up to speed on this gorgeous horse.

Do you have experience riding and showing Arabian horses? If so, what are some of the key things us newbies need to know about your breed? And if you don’t what burning questions do you have that I can try to get answered while I’m at the Buckeye tomorrow?

For today, I leave you with this video of the retirement ceremony for Aequus, who is the all-time winning-est Arabian Park horse. Very cool tradition! (And I’ll let you in on a few secrets: I’ve met Aequus personally since he’s a Freedom Farms horse! And – Aequus and Bill Rodgers will be carrying the American flag for the opening ceremonies at WEG! More on that to come…)

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