Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday at Shiloh- A Very Nice Day!

Looking for something to do tomorrow, Sunday, April 18th? Why not come on down to the Clark County Library here in Las Vegas and enjoy Tony's new show, An Affair with Tony Curtis. More information here.

We are back in town and everyone looks great at the ranch. The guys and our volunteers did a wonderful job, thank you!

We had another New Arrival yesterday afternoon, this is Shawnie, a 21 year old QH mare who was donated by her CA owner who was having financial problems. Shawnie will enter our Sanctuary.

Welcome Shawnie!

Here is Aiken arriving back at Shiloh from the most recent Vet Testing. Waco, Aiken, Pablo, Trace and Sundance returned home while Shadow, Dodge, Stormy and Mercali headed out for the next testing. They will return in about week or so.

Pregnant Breeze hanging out in her barn stall. She is gaining weight and looking better. She is a very sweet mare and we look forward to meeting her coming foal.

Lobo snoozed in the sun in the Mare Motel. That is Cognac in the Hospice Turnout...

Over in Easy Street, Longfellow dozed...

While Pigmalian, BLT and Sausage Patti enjoyed the first mud puddle of the season!

Trigger followed me to the Barn and then peeked around the corner. What a cutie!

Sabine rode Sully...

Freedom in Easy Street...

I shedded out Stetson. That's his new best pal, Austin.

Clover and Ciento share their Equine Senior in Easy Street.

Vic spent some time bathing GG on City Center.

Dr. Schur came by with her husband who hauls for the Vet Testing. While she was at the rescue, she checked out Tioga's stitches. They are looking pretty good, and although it looks painful, it's actually much, much better.

Suggestion's cute face in the Hospice.

Vortex is getting huge. So is Pippi. Dr Schur rechecked them and thought they would foal within the month.

Cute old Shadow enjoyed some shedding time before he headed to the vet testing...

New Volunteers shedded out Heavenly in Assisted Living. look at all that hair!

Celebrate in Easy Street.

Sabine and Frost.
Here is Providence, the horse with the trach. His weight is staying the same, even though he eats non stop. I had Dr. Schur recheck him again. We are both worried that his growths are getting larger and he most likely has more internally which are not allowing him to gain weight. We are keeping him comfortable until his quality of life has diminished, but for now, he is hanging out with his best girlfriend, Vista...

Trigger, Ethel Mertz and Rugrat enjoy a breakfast of hay by the Feedroom.

Sabine and City Slicker. Slick is such a sweet horse, he will be looking for a home where he can enjoy love and spoiling and walking trail rides.

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